About Me

I went vegetarian at 18 years of age as I didn't like the taste or texture of meat.  When I was growing up I was told by numourous people, including a doctor, that I had to eat meat to give me a balanced diet, so I was told I wasn't allowed to give it up.  I was already aware of some of the wider issues surrounding being vegetarian, but as I investigated it more I realised that being vegetarian wasn't enough. The BSE scandal finally made me decide that a vegan diet was healthier and so I made the leap over.

Now, nearly 20 years later I am still vegan and want to show others that we don't all live on a diet of lentils and nut cutlets.  I would never claim to be an outstanding cook, and most of my recipes are simple and quick to make due to the busy life I have with my 4 children. Therefore they are ideal for people who aren't keen on cooking or need easy meals.

Hopefully you will enjoy the recipes on this blog and come back and see what new ideas I come up with next!

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