Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Toddler groups and vegan foods

Today I took my daughter to a toddler group where they were making chocolate covered apples that they then decorated with various sprinkles, all of which contained numerous E additives as well as eggs. I was then informed that in a couple of weeks time they will be making chocolate covered marzipan sweets for Christmas. Obviously with the information being given to me in advance I will be prepared with vegan alternatives (the recipe I would use is here: .

I didn't expect them to have vegan food but what surprised me was how unhealthy the food was that they were dealing with. I guess that because we are vegan and also eat very little sugar in our house, healthy food is part of everyday life and I assume (wrongly) that it is the same for everyone.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised as my older daughters school gives them a smartie as a reward for every spelling they get right in their spelling tests (she gets a grape for every correct answer), and the school has a healthy food award so really should be setting a better example to the children. I guess its hardly surprising that the amount of people that are overweight is increasing, as I struggle with my weight and my diet is usually healthy (its just the amount of food that I eat thats the problem!).

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