Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Ballet Shoes

I am searching in vain for ballet shoes for my girls. I don't like buying the new leather ones for obvious reasons but they have to have shoes for their classes. I generally get 2nd hand ones but can't find any in their sizes on ebay, the ballet school or freecycle.
I can buy vegan ones online at which is great, but they cost £10 more than the cheapest new ones on ebay. Its a real dilemma. I know that I should get the vegan ones, but it is a real struggle to afford them. What would you do?


itsthatgaljay said...

hi, i know this is an old post...

i think that if you do stuggle to buy the vegan ones, go for the other ones.

it is very hard to get vegan ballet shoes, so i just get normal ones. adn if you live in the uk, it costs loads for postage because the only ones i have found come from the us.

we can't be perfect all the time i guess, though it is a shame. i hope this helps.


Anonymous said...

not vegan so i dont know the rules. they do make canvas ballet slippers though. quite popular.

Anonymous said...

But they have leather soles!