Wednesday, 6 February 2008

NEWS: Tescos Chickens

Tescos have reduced the price of their whole chickens to under £2, probably to try and encourage people who are being put off eating them because of the recent publicity into the conditions they are kept in. I just wish that other people could see through this but I'm sure it won't happen.
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Charles Letterman said...

In the current financial climate Tescos should be applauded. OK, they are probably the country's biggest retail capitalists but, in February 2008, any discount on a basic food commodity will no doubt be welcomed by a majority of customers.

An RSPCA spokeswoman was quoted as saying, "The consumer has the clout to change supermarket policy and we strongly encourage shoppers to buy higher welfare chicken and not be tempted by the discount."

Indeed, supply and demand is undoubtedly a wonderful thing. But the fact is that the average consumer cares more about how they are going to feed their family on, in reality, a ever reducing budget, than whether chickens are lied to about what time of day it is. As Tescos put it, "No-one should feel guilty buying a chicken just because it is good value."

A vast majority of the population cannot afford the luxury of fair trade coffee or free range foods. For those that can, great. I hope that you and Marks & Spencer are very happy.

Michelle said...

I agree that it is very expensive to buy food these days and I take advantage of many of the bargains that the supermarkets have to offer. However I can't place my morals to one side, and buy cheap food if I know animals are suffering as a result of it.
I buy the cheapest fruit and vegetables I can most of the time, and the rest of our diet is made up of dried and tinned foods. We are healthy and have a clear conscience.

Mrs McAvoy's Buzz said...

I saw it the other day and couldn't help but strike up a conversation about it with someone who worked there. What I couldn't believe was the number of exceptionally well dressed couples and families (including the ones that had parked next to me in their BMW) who were gleeful at the £2 chickens!! They were like children in a candy shop.
Glad to have found your blog, I was a vegan for many years, slipped and am now heading back!