Thursday, 7 March 2013

RECIPE: black eyed bean casserole

Today's dinner needed to be something quick that all the children would eat, that was warming and full of energy so here is what I did.

Take 3 small shallots, peel and chop finely.  Finely chop half a red pepper and a quarter of a green pepper.  Cook all of these in vegetable oil with 1 clove of garlic.  Add some mixed herbs, salt and paprika.  While these are cooking take your pre cooked (or tinned) black eyed beans.  Heat in the microwave for two minutes and then mash up with a potato masher.

When the peppers and onions are nicely softened add a tin of chopped tomatoes, when heated through slowly add the mashed black eyed beans and mix thoroughly.  Serve with couscous and season with salt and freshly ground black pepper.


Andrea@Familyconnect said...

I really enjoy your recipes. Vegan recipes on the net are often complex, with a huge list of ingredients (some of which I've never even heard of), but yours are simple, tasty home cooked meals that sound delicious. You make vegan food seem a lot less threatening!

Michelle said...

Thanks, I try to make it easy by listing amounts instead of weights. After all we don't usually weigh our carrots, onions etc in recipes. The reason for the simple ingredients is because I have four children, who all have had their fussy moments, so I use things that I know they will eat but still give flavour to the food, like simple herbs - basil, parsley, rosemary etc and spices that are mild enough for them not to take too much notice but that make a significant difference to the food like paprika. They also all claim they don't like garlic and onion, but eat both most days!!