Monday, 12 March 2007

Cruel to force your child to be vegan?

I have had a lot of people say that is it cruel to subject my children to a vegan diet. I should let them experience all kinds of food and they should be able to choose what they want when they get older.
Of course I cannot do this. I'm sure any other vegan would agree that they couldn't get anywhere near meat let alone let their children eat it.
I also don't give my children much sugar as we all have a sugar intolerance. Interestingly, it is usually this that causes more people to react as far as their diet is concerned. It is amazing how many people think that we need sugar to be able to live.
I started a discussion on it, on a website and was amazed at how many people reacted to the fact that my children were missing out on nice treats!


Anonymous said...

Everybody has the right to let their children be brought up in the way that they think is healthiest for their child.
It would be cruel to give murdered flesh to a child.
A vegan child does not miss out on any nutrients.
My brother's children are brought up vegetarian, whilst his step child is brought up a meat eater. This being because the mother is a meat eater, whilst my brother is a vegetarian.

Jenn S said...

I don't see anything wrong with bringing up your children in the lifestyle you choose. Not only are they probably much healthier, but how can they miss something they've never had? I am a meat eater, but I still cook with as little sugar and salt as possible, and thats the way my children will eat. If they grow up and choose something other than the diet they were raised on, that's their choice, but until then I think you have every right to supply the food you feel is right.