Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Holiday for the summer

I am going to take a break from updating recipes every day on the site for a while. I feel like I need a break from it and it will give me a chance to work on making the site easier to use. I want to give it a better search facility and allow the recipes to go into more categories. I'm not sure if that will be possible yet.

It would be helpful to know what people would find useful in the site so I can see if I can incorporate it.

I will be updating my blog but not as often so please keep coming back for new messages.


jenni from sunny sheffield said...

Hi, Michelle

Enjoy your summer break.

What would be nice is if the recipes could be listed under the main ingredient, rather than the category of meal.

Ie Tofu:- Stir fry with noodles
Vegetable kebab

Strawberry:- Fruit salad
Fizzy drink

Michelle said...

would you like to be able to search and it comes up with every recipe that contains those ingredients or would you prefer it only to bring up recipes that have that item as the main ingredient?

jenni from sunny sheffield said...

Hi, Michelle

If it is possible to list every recipe which contains the "searched" ingredient, that would be great.

I realise that would be a big job.

So if you would rather just list the recipes which have the "searched" item as the main ingredient, then that would be fine.

Best wishes x