Friday, 20 April 2007

Abbie's Recipes

I have now introduced the new children's recipe section to Recipes for Vegans with the help of my daughter Abbie. We have a few simple recipes up at the moment and will be adding one a week every Monday. She is loving doing the cooking for the website and wants to cook something new every day at the moment. I hope you enjoy the recipes too.

I eventually got round to planting my runner beans in the garden. It took me ages to unwind them from around my kitchen blinds, so I hope they will like it in the garden. I aim to dig up a fair bit of my flower border as it is mostly just grass and weeds and then plant some more vegetables, but am not sure which ones grow best. I was thinking of tomatoes and maybe potatoes and carrots. It is a big ambition though as it has taken me weeks to just get round to putting the beans in, but now I've started hopefully it will inspire me to do more, especially with the weather as lovely as it is at the moment.


Rachel said...

I would grow some tomatoes they always seem to grow really well and taste so much better out of the garden. Perhaps try some strawberries as well as they are easy to grow and delicious and they are so expensive to buy in the shops. I never have much luck with root vegetabls - they always seem to get eaten. maybe you should get a ph monitor to find out what type of soil you have - it would help you know what would grow best.

Anonymous said...

Hi, potatoes would be better grown in a knee high bin. I don't think a flower border would be deep enough.
In a flower border you could grow salad leaves, radishes, beetroot, peppers, strawberries and raspberries.