Thursday, 26 April 2007

Recipes for the Site

I am starting to run out of ideas for recipes for the vegans site. I was wondering whether lots of people like having a new recipe every day, or whether I should try to do something different to get people to come back to the site. Any ideas would be gratefully recieved. I did try to do the forum but I am just getting spam on there and no genuine posts so I think I will just abandon that idea.

I thought I would try a new idea for dinner (mainly because I had hardly any veg in the fridge), and I made a pepper and onion dish with rice. My kids both hated it and wouldn't eat it (I must admit it wasn't one of my greatest recipes and certainly wont' go on the website), so I ended up giving them fishless fishcake sandwiches which they both loved. Maybe not the most nutritious meal, but at least they didn't go hungry.

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Jenni of Sheffield said...

Hi, I go on your website every day, cos of the new daily recipe.

I would suggest asking people to submit a recipe each week.

Set a theme, such as a vegetable, tofu, pasta or rice dish.

Please don't give up