Friday, 25 May 2007

Any vegan childminders out there?

I'm looking after a little boy today for a friend. She has supplied him with cows milk, meat sandwiches and fromage frais. I feel bad giving these foods to him, I know I should do what his parents want, but I wonder if anyone else who looks after friends kids has come to any compromises as far as their diet is concerned.


Rachel said...

As a vegetarian I woudl make sure that if I was childminding for a vegan child I woudl make sure that I kept to the parent's wishes and fed them vegan food. Therefore surely you should keep to the parents wishes and give the child what they want him to eat. If you expect people to provide you and your children with vegan food surely you should respect their wishes and provide their childrenw ith the food they want him to eat.

I think it would be unacceptable if they expected you to buy and prepare the food yourself, but as they provided it then I see no reason why you shouldn't give it to him.

jenni from wet sheffield said...

Hi, Michelle

I think it is very tactless for your friend to supply all animal products, for her child.

Vegan food can be eaten by vegan and non- vegan people.

She should have supplied juice, instead of cows milk. Salad instead of meat sandwiches. Fruit instead of fromage frais.

At the end of the day, you are doing her a favour, by looking after her child, so she should respect your views.

vi from sunny stranraer said...

Hi, Rachel

I agree with Jenni that vegan food can be eaten by all.

Personally I would not want animal products in my house.

It is very selfish of the friend, to bring animal products into the house of the person, who is helping her.