Thursday, 3 May 2007

What do you cook when you need to eat fast?

Tonight both the girls were hungry and moaning needing their dinner, so I had to think of something in a hurry. So I decided to make a quick stir fry and serve it with marinated tofu pieces and noodles. They both like noodles and they are so quick that the whole dinner only took about 15 minutes to prepare and cook. What is your quickest meal and why do you use it?

Today recipe for stir fry is on the recipes for vegans site, I hope you like it. If you notice something different about the advertising on the site when you take a look its because we have decided to use a different company for our banner ads to see if we can generate more money from them. At the moment our income from advertising isn't even covering the cost of the web hosting so we are trying to think of new ways to promote the site. We have an advert in this quarters Vegan magazine and have been trying to promote it on different forums and other websites, but the page impressions seem to be dropping. If anyone knows why the site might be less popular or has any suggestions for promotion (especially if it is free!) then please let us know.


Jenni from Rotherham said...

Hi, for quickness, I put hummus on some oatcakes, with a slice of say cucumber, tomato, radish, spring onion. Plus I will have a mug of "cup a soup".

May from Chesterfield said...

Hi, I would advertise in the following magazines:- Vegetarian, Viva, Animal aid, People for ethical treatment of animals, Vegan views.

Plus have links with:- Parsley soup, Vegan house, Vegan family, Garlic and ginger, Viva, Animal aid, Uncaged, Vegan views,