Wednesday, 16 May 2007

When your children eat out

I am really fortunate that at the toddler group I take my youngest daughter to, they usually provide all vegan food for the snacks so that she is able to eat everything that is available.
Today however they had cheese on the table. I was really proud of my 2 year old when she said 'Mummy its ok because I can have my cheese at home.' She is getting so grown up now and doesn't mind at all if she can't have food that isn't vegan.

I do sometimes find it hard having to deny them food that all other children are having especially at parties when all the children are demolishing sweets as fast as they can and my kids are just watching on and wondering why the other kids are so excited by products that they have never seen. However I just have to hold on to the thought that I'm doing it for their best interest and even if we weren't vegan they still wouldn't be allowed to eat all that sugar and additives.


jenni from sheffield said...

Hi, Michelle

You are so lucky that you are being allowed to bring your children up vegan.

My partner is a meat-eater, who wants any children that we have together, to have meat and vegetarian days. To him that is a compromise, but to me that means my child would be a meat-eater like him.

If I don't want to eat animals, I do not want my child to eat meat, for health, moral and environmental reasons.

Am I being selfish?

Michelle said...

I think you are right that I am lucky that I am able to bring up my children vegan. I think the reason is that I brought up my daughter for 6 months on my own so I made all the decisions and then when her father moved in, he went with what I decided because he knew that I would have a big problem with her not being vegan.

We are now separated but because she is now 5 she knows what food isn't vegan and won't eat it if he gives it to her.

I think you need to tell your partner about the health benefits of the children not eating meat and the reasons why you don't want them to eat it. I feel so strongly about my kids being vegan that I just wouldn't compromise with them although I did let my ex have meat in the house, but he knew that he couldn't give any to the kids.

I am sure there will be a day when he wants them to try meat, but I hope that by then the children will know why we aren't eating it and will refuse it.