Saturday, 19 May 2007

Vegan BBQ

After a really rainy day we had a lovely sunny afternoon so we decided to have a BBQ.

We did baked potatoes, burgers, sausages, kebabs and mushrooms. It was lovely. I have kept a note of all the recipes and will be starting a new BBQ section on the vegan recipe site soon. If anyone has any BBQ recipes they would like to share to put on the site that would be great.


Rachel said...

The new barbecue section sounds like a great idea. It will be nice to be able to non-vegans some ideas of nice barbecue food which is vagen instead of always being stuck with salads and plain jacket potatoes.

may from chesterfield said...

Hi, Michelle

For a barbecue I like skewers of mushroom, cherry tomato, yellow pepper, carrots, onion.

Baked potatoes in foil, with onion, aubergine & courgettes.

Mini veggie sausages.

Celia said...

Thai - glazed vegetable skewers

Cheezly stuffed peppers

"Parmesan" patties

Turkish stuffed aubergines

Stuffed flat mushrooms