Thursday, 16 August 2007

McDonalds every day?

I read this story with disbelief earlier today. It is retired couple who have mcdonalds for their lunch every day. They claim to be in perfect health. I must say from the photo they do look good for their age. Then again there have to be some exceptions to the usual set of overweight unhealthy looking people that are usually heading in the direction of that shop. Here is the article if you are interested:,,2-2007370860,00.html

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jenni from sunny sheffield said...

Hi, Michelle

Each Sunday my nephews always ask to go to McDonalds.

My Mum is not keen to go.

I put them off saying that Grandma has already prepared tea for them, or it is too nice to be stuck inside.

I guess it is the toy that they are after from the "happy meal".

When they go with their Mum, she eats the burger whilst they have the chips & drink.

Do McDonalds have
a vegetarian "happy meal"?