Thursday, 23 August 2007

New Site

The design for the new site is still going on, but very slowly. I think I will have to carry on introducing the daily recipes in the old format while I wait for the new site to be finished.

I have decided on a logo and the format I want the site to be, but getting the search to work properly is turning out to be more complicated than I imagined and once it is all sorted I will have to transfer all the current recipes over to the new site. I was hoping to launch on the 1st September but now looks like it will be a lot longer.

As I will start putting up daily recipes again in September I was wondering whether there were any types of recipes that people would like me to try to put up more of.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Michelle

Recipes with the main ingredient being either tofu or lentil

Michelle said...

I am planning on tring some new tofu recipes so I will make sure I will put them on the site.