Friday, 16 February 2007

Animal Shelter Killings

I found this article on a site today which made me so mad.

Amonst other horrific things, it is saying that animal shelters in the USA kill animals that have been there for a week. Is this true of animal shelters in this country, and if so, is there anything that can be done to stop it. It is so curel to kill an animal just because they haven't found a home yet.

Back to the real issues of this blog and today I made a lasange with my daughter. Instead of following our usual recipe ( I changed a few things. I used aubergine and spinach instead of sweetcorn. I also made the tomato sauce with tomato paste, ketchup and some onions, garlic and herbs. When serving the white sauce had separated which it doesn't normally do, does anyone know which of the ingredients that I added could have been responsible for that?


Anonymous said...

I wonder if it was due to the water in the aubergine and spinach or maybe you had it too hot?

Anonymous said...

Hi, it would be the acidity of the aubergine, that would have caused the white sauce to seperate.

Animal shelters, really are like prison cells. So perhaps it is kinder to humanely put an animal to sleep after a week.

Michelle said...

I think that we should do something to stop so many animals being put into shelters in the first place.

Jenn S said...

Unfortunately this is true of most of our Animal Shelters here. Thankfully we have many "no kill" shelters as well, and I always recommend these to anyone I know who has to give up an animal. I chose my vet specifically because he also runs a non-profit no kill shelter. Of course if more people would participate in the free and discount spay and neuter programs, we wouldn't have to worry about shelters that put them down, but unfortunately it's an on going problem on both ends.