Sunday, 4 February 2007

Poor Turkeys

I was going to write today about the new valentines recipes on Recipes for Vegans, but instead my attention has been drawn to the bird flu epidemic. I think it is truely terrible that so many birds have to be killed. I am sure that there is a better solution, but because little thought is given to the life of these (as they were going to be dead soon anyway) they were just all slaughtered.
It makes me so mad that we breed these animals so that we can eat them, put them in such poor conditions that disease spreads quickly and then think nothing of killing them all rather than vaccinating them because it is cheaper.
I sometimes dispair at the terrible world we live in.

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Anonymous said...

It is so unfair, that no care is given to the birds, with the flu. Infact they are murdered. Especially when there are ill people kept alive, against their will.