Thursday, 22 February 2007

Shopping in Sainsburys

I went to do my shopping today and went to Sainsburys which I haven't been to for a while. The first thing I noticed was that they have brought back their vegan margarine and are also stocking it in my local store which they didn't before. However, thats where the good things end.
They have repacked a lot of their foods and this new packaging no longer says the items are vegan. So either they have changed a lot of the recipes or they are no longer labelling all their items.

I did manage to find some vegan easter eggs for my girls. They have 2 types there a simpsons one and a bang on the door one for £1.99 each which I thought wasn't bad, and certainly cheaper than my usual option which is the expensive Green and Blacks one.


Rachel said...

Have you contacte dSainsbury's to ask about their new packaging and labelling? If enough people complain they might brig back the vegan labelling

Michelle said...

I have already phoned them and they claimed that they aren't changing their labelling and they are still putting the vegan sign on food. So my only conclusion is that they must be providing less vegan options now which is a real shame.

Anonymous said...

Please don't buy "Green and Blacks" as they are owned by Cadburys.
Oxfam sell "Divine" fair trade eggs.
I will be disappointed if Sainsburys, are selling less vegan food.
Really we should support, the small independent wholefood stores.

Anonymous said...

In our local sainsbury's they have their own free from egg which is vegan too.