Thursday, 15 February 2007

Did you have a good valentines day?

I had a lovely valentines meal. I cooked basil and tomatos with mushrooms as a starter. The main was asparagus with potatoes and tofu in a mustard sauce, with strawberries and soya cream for dessert. It was lovely.
It would be great to know your valentines recipes. What did you cook? Our recipe competition is still open, so if you would like to enter you recipe click here to find out more.

I have taken the link to the valentines recipes off the vegan site. I was wondering whether to keep a link to it in the nav bar like we have to the Christmas recipies, what do you think? Would you ever use it?

Hope you all had a great valentines day.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I cooked beetroot soup. Medley of stir fried vegetables with marinated tofu. Strawberries with vegan ice cream.
The valentine link was good.

rachel said...

I cooked brocolli soup, roasted red pepper tart and raspberries.
I liked the Valentine link too.

Anonymous said...

I found the Valentines link useful