Saturday, 24 February 2007

Vegan Recipe Competition

Don't forget that you only have 4 days left to enter the recipe competition on go to the site to get full details of how to enter.

Don't worry if you recipe seems simple we are looking for something tasty, not something complicated.

I didn't have time to cook something exciting for dinner tonight.

My daughter came back starving from a party with a bag full of sweets and cake she couldn't eat, so I just did a simple stir fry.

Sometimes the easiest recipes work the best.

The kids loved it and ate it all without moaning - which makes a change!
I guess as they like noodles too that helps.


Anonymous said...

Hi, who is the February winner?

Anonymous said...

Programme on Bbc 3 @ 10.30pm, tonight, tomorrow & Wednesday.

Kill it, cook it, eat it, re cows, lambs & pigs.

Please can you broadcast the details on your blog.

Many thanks