Tuesday, 19 June 2007

'Go to work on an Egg'

This morning on the radio (BBC Radio Shropshire) I was listening to them talk about the banning of the old 'Go to work on an Egg' advertisements. They were going to be rerun because it has been 50 years since the original adverts were shown on TV, but have been banned because they don't promote a balanced diet.

A few weeks ago I read that Asda had been banned from advertising full fat milk in between children's programs because that was deemed unhealthy.

From a vegan point of view obviously I am pleased that these products aren't going to be promoted and that at last they are seeing that dairy products aren't a healthy diet for us. However, yet again we are being told what to think, and not being able to choose for ourselves. I know that growing obesity is a drain on the NHS but there are better solutions to this than telling us what to think.


Anonymous said...

People can still decide what they want to eat, despite the goods not being advertised.

For example I eat soya cheese, but do not see them advertised on the tv.

Rachel said...

I think the banning of the advert is ridiculous. I would much rather see a ban on adverts for fast food chains.