Thursday, 14 June 2007

Would you eat these noodles?

I bought some noodles the other day from the supermarket mistakenly thinking they were vegan. They were one of those packets with a flavour sachet in. The sachet contains chicken.
When I make those noodles I always throw away the sachet and make my own flavouring to go on them, or just serve them up plain with vegetables in sauce. My dilemma is whether I should use them or give them to a meat eater to have, or just throw them away. What would you do?


Caty said...

I don't think there's any point just throwing them away, you may as well just eat the noodles and throw away the packet. If you don't feel comfortable just throwing away the packet because it means the death was unneccessary (well, even more unneccessary than it already was) then just give them to someone who will eat them.

jenni from flooded sheffield said...

Hi, Michelle

For my own conscience, i would not buy them in future.

As the shop now has your money, on this occasion I would eat the noodles and throw away the sachet.

Please write to the manuafacturer, asking if they could abstain from using chicken.