Friday, 29 June 2007

Night out Tonight

You might have noticed that todays recipe has been updated earlier than usual. This is because I am going out for a meal tonight. I have phoned in advance and have been told that the vegan meal they are going to give us is ciabatta with roasted vegetables and the main course will be pasta with tomato sauce. Will be interesting to see how nice the meal is. I will include a review of the restaurant on here tomorrow.


jenni from damp sheffield said...

Hi, Michelle

Was the restaurant totally vegetarian?

Michelle said...

No, the restaurant served meat. There is only one vegetarian restaurant in the whole of Shropshire and it isn't open in the evenings, so there isn't much of a choice.

I know I was intending to put up a review and I will do it soon, I have just had a busy weekend.