Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Marinated, deep fried tofu

Start by draining the tofu and cutting into chunks.


 Then create a marinade.  I use a mix of soya sauce, paprika, mixed herbs and garlic powder.

 Put the marinade into a box with a lid. Add the tofu chunks and shake up until the chunks are covered with the marinade. Then put some vegetable oil into a saucepans and heat up.  One it is boiling add the chunks of tofu.

Leave to cook until they are golden brown (I took the ones below out a bit too early as I was short of time, but you get the idea!).

 They are now ready to serve as a side dish or put into your stir fry, thai curry or whatever else you are eating.


Andrea@Familyconnect said...

I've tried, I really have, but I just can't like tofu. I can only manage ambivilance at best, even when deep fried. And let's face it, EVERYTHING tastes better deep fried ;-)

Michelle said...

It did take me a while to get used too. It has an odd texture and no taste at all, that's why I have to marinate it. I agree entirely that everything tastes better deep fried!