Wednesday, 17 January 2007

can you ever be 100% vegan?

As a result of the comment yesterday about cut of dates for animal testing, I was wondering whether it was ever possible to be 100% vegan. I know I try very hard, but there are certainly circumstances when I have made exceptions, and I am still learning that some everyday things I use aren't vegan as even after 10 years of being a vegan I still don't know everything about it.

It would be interesting to know if there is anyone out there that can say for sure that they always use vegan products in everything they do, as I think it would be very difficult. I'm not saying we should ever give up though, even just having a vegan diet makes a big difference.

Todays new recipe on Recipes for Vegans is going to be vanilla biscuits.

These look lovely and light and if anyone bakes them they must let me know how they come out as I can't eat sugar so can't try them. My sister baked them and sent me the recipe and said they were delicious.
If you have any comments on any other recipes from the site that you have tried out it would be great to hear them.


Anonymous said...

Hi, with cleaning products, yes they can be vegan.
Laundry - use eco washing balls from Lakeland plastics.
Windows - white vinegar and lemon juice.
Grease - bicarbonate of soda paste.
Toilet and drains - Hot water and soda crystals.
Carpet freshener - bicarbonate of soda.

Anonymous said...

My children love the ginger biscuits recipe you have on the site!