Sunday, 28 January 2007

Lovely Wedding Food

I was at a wedding over the weekend and they catered really well for me and my children. It makes me wonder why conventional restaurants struggle so badly, when simple dishes can easily be made suitable for vegans. It does seem that a lot of the cheaper restaurants can't produce vegetarian options without covering them with cheese. I would love to hear from anyone who has had good experiences at well know restaurants. I have been considering adding a section onto recipes for vegans about eating out and listing vegan options in big chain restaurants (trying to keep them updated when the menus change). Would anyone find this useful or perhaps this information already exists on the net and I have missed it.

Valentines day is in a couple of weeks and the recipes for vegans website will be concentrating on recipes for this occasion until the day. Some photos below show what sort of things are in store so keep coming back for lots of tempting foods. The new valentines menu page will be going up this evening.


Anonymous said...

Hi, listing vegan options from well-known restaurants, would be a great idea. Plus listing solely vegan/vegetarian restaurants.

Anonymous said...

perhaps if people responding to thisblog put some of the meals / restaurants they like it would help.

I love terre a terre in Brighton they are vegetarian and have some great vegan dishes but they are expensive.

I find if you phone places in advance they will tend to be able to cater for you although you have to list foods that you like rather than them being inventive and coming up with something. Perhaps we should direct them to the website.