Monday, 15 January 2007

My eldest daugher had two parties over the weekend. I was thrilled with how accomodating both the mums were with giving her special food. One mum bought vegan cheese and special jelly and biscuits for her and the other got special food for her party bag. It is great that she is being treated so well, especially as the vegan foods are often so expensive. Luckily they were foods that Abbie liked, she is usually really fussy. Today I took the easy option for their dinner and made their current favourite - noodles with stir fry veggies.

I am shopping on a budget at the moment and was wondering if anyone knew whether any of the very cheap washing powders and fabric softeners from the supermarkets were suitable for vegans.


Anonymous said...

Hi, even if the cheaper washing powders and conditioners are suitable for vegans, they most probably will not have the buav cut off date, for testing on animals.

Rachel said...

I have just been looking on the ethical student website. They have some information about animal testing. They state that the co-op range of cleaning products are 'animal friendly' as are Astonish cleaning products which you can get from poundsaver stores and supermarkets. They say despite making themselves sound good supemarkets are misleading in their labelling and are not animal friendly apart from co-op. It also says that ecover products although 'green' are tested on animals. It hs some recipes to make your own washing powder, fabric conditioner and other cleaning products.