Friday, 5 January 2007

School Meals

I have a bit of a dilemma regarding school meals. My daughter qualifies for free school meals but because she is vegan they can't cater for her so she takes in a packed lunch. The school have now asked me to fill out the form to claim for her meals as it is more money for them. I was wondering if anyone knew whether this money would be used to supplement the meals and therefore be indirectly given back to the meat and diary industry or whether the school just spends the money on whatever it wants.

I am trying to lose the few pounds I put on at Christmas. The recipe on the vegan site today (until this evening anyway) is pine nut salad. I found the pine nuts make me feel more full than just having a salad on its own so it is more satisying, but a healthier option than a sandwich for my lunch.

Tonights new recipe is going to be pepper pizzas. The kids love these as they are great colours and they can easily pick them up. You can hide all kinds of healthy veggies in the sauce under the peppers and they won't notice them. If they don't like peppers you can always top them with mushrooms and sweetcorn instead.

Hope you enjoy trying the recipes. If you have any of your own, especially ones that my fussy kids will enjoy let me know.


toby2008sam said...

Have you actually asked the school about a vegan option? If they actually cook the meals at the school they may be able to do her something that is vegan. Even if it some potato and peas - at least she would be getting something hot and you could give her a small packed lunch as well.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that the money will go back towards school dinners. You can't expect them to ve vegan for everyone but perhaps the extra money will help towards being able to give the children a more healthy balanced meal. Their behavour should improve as a result and it will create a better learning environment for your daughter.

Michelle said...

The school currently loses money out of school dinners. I have therefore justified giving them the money because otherwise they would be paying for that loss by using money that would otherwise be used for books and other resources so indirectly it is helping Abbie.

Anonymous said...

I would not fill in the form, enabling them to claim for the cost of meals that they have not provided. Tell them if they will provide a vegan meal, you will feel in the form.