Thursday, 11 January 2007

Thanks for the Feedback

Thanks for your feedback on this blog. The pages on Recipes for Vegans now all have printable versions which should make it much easier for people. I hadn't really thought about people wanting to print them out before (maybe because I haven't currently got a printer myself) so it was great that through this I found out how the site could be more useful to people.
If you have any other feedback I would really like to hear it.

On a totally different subject I am currently searching for a new ballet leotard and shoes for my daughter. It is a huge dilema that I have to get her leather shoes. Currently I just buy 2nd hand shoes which I feel aren't as bad. I know there is one vegan alternative but it is so expensive I can't afford to do it for her. I was going to send her with no shoes but I don't want her to feel different to everyone else. Has anyone else had this problem and how did they get around it?


Anonymous said...

Hi, could your daughter take up a different interest to ballet. Such as gymnastics, where she would not need any shoes.

Anonymous said...

I agree that being a vegancan be expensive. It is hard to juggle finances and moral issues. I woudl suggest that using second hand shoes is the best option. In my opinion i the animal had to die to make the shoes then it is only respectful to make sure that they are used to their maximum capacity.