Wednesday, 5 September 2007

'Human-animal' embryo - your views

A decision is about to be made on whether human-animal embryos can be created and used for research.

I find myself wondering whether it is a better alternative to animal testing, as at least the cells are not fully formed and therefore don't have the same senses as a fully grown one.

People seem to be objecting as it is a partly grown human that is being tested on and not because it is an embryo. What are your thoughs?

I think it is a better alternative to animal testing but the only way to really test is to do it on willing people who know what they are letting themselves into.

The full article is here: let me know what you think.

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may from stranraer said...

Hi Michelle

It is an alternative to animal research.

However I support:-

The Humane Research Trust from Stockport and

Dr Hadwen Trust.

They both do medical research, without the use of animals.