Monday, 10 September 2007

Restaurant Review - Debenhams

I stopped for lunch in Debenhams today and took a look at the vegan options that they had.

The provision for kids was quite good compared to other restaurants of this type. They had baby for suitable for 4 months plus and 12 months plus which were vegan (unfortunately the 7 months plus option had cheese in). They had kids lunchboxes which were to include 5 items. The vegan options included raisins, plain crisps, plain roll and organix biscuits and each box included a free piece of fruit. Unfortunately the drinks to go with them were milkshakes, but in the past I know they have done fruit juice.

The main meals had a vegan choice between jacket potato,chips or rice with carrot, peas or baked beans. They also had bread rolls but no indication on the margarine if it was vegan or not.

The drinks for adults were expensive but included water, fruit juices and fruit teas.

Dessert wise there didn't appear to be anything vegan at all apart from the fruit in the kids section.

For the price the meal was the quality I would have expected and certainly it is a place I would choose to go to if I had children with me as I know they have some healthy choices.

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