Thursday, 27 September 2007

World Vegan Day

It is world vegan day on the 1st November. I am trying to think of ways to celebrate this. I was wondering whether to have a vegan coffee morning maybe in aid of vegan charity such as Dr Hadwen. I was also wondering whether to run a competition on the website to make people aware of the day.
My daughter also wants to do somethign in school and because it is just after her birthday and in her school the children give out sweets to the class on their birthdays I have been trying to think of something she can do along the same lines.
Any suggestions would be welcomed.


Rachel said...

Why not give out a little vegan party bag with a selection of vegan sweets (and maybe some birthday cake?) and a leaflet with a vegan recipe with a link to your website.

Tony - FoodsforLife said...

World Vegan Day Petition to the Prime Minister

- to create a legal definition of the words Vegan and Vegetarian

The Government has confirmed there is no legal definition of
'Vegan' or 'vegetarian' in the EU or UK. We call upon the Govt
to draw up a framework using the model of 'Organic' and The
Indian Government's experiences to create a legal definition
for 'vegan' and 'vegetarian'
World Vegan Day Petition

World Vegan Day Vegan Pizza Campaign

Please contact Pizza Express to ask them whatever became of the Vegan Pizza
Vegan Pizza

World Vegan Day Poll

Please complete the one click World Vegan Day Poll to help focus future veganising strategy
World Vegan Day Poll