Thursday, 13 September 2007

My Parents Visit

My parents have left today after visiting for a few days. I fet them totally vegan food as usual and they seemed to have a great time. However my sister thinks it was worng of me and I should have cooked the fod they were used to at home instead of forcing them to eat vegan as it is a sign of a bad hostess. What do people think?


Chutters said...

I think if they are happy to eat vegan then it is good to be able to continue with your chosen way of eating and to show them some new foods.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle

Vegan food can be eaten by all, whether they are meat eaters or vegetarian.

It is a good way to introduce people to vegan food.

Anonymous said...

I think there are certain things which people mght find difficult to adjust to. Such as having tea of coffee with soya milk. Some people seem to be addicted to their beverage fix and no alternative will do.

Michelle said...

Fortunately tea and coffee isn't a problem for my parents as my mum drinks them black and my dad likes soya milk. But yes in other people it certainly can be, but I know most people say they can't tell the difference but maybe they are just being polite.